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Have you ever been curious as to what your doctor makes?  Me too.

According to Physician Salaries...

"The mean annual salary of a MD specialist is $175,011 in the US, and $272,000 for surgeons. However, because of commodity inflation, increasing negligent costs, steep price rise of rental, the annual salary range of a MD varies and is not rising as fast as other professional pay."*

Oh, blimey, Doctors aren't stealing from us as much as the bankers and insurance theives?  Hey, that's a damn good thing.

Physician Salaries

First year doctor salaries do vary, as indicated below in the following table:  

Base 1st Year MD Salaries, Net Income and/or Hospital Guarantees (Minus Expenses)
Ambulatory $80,000
FP - Urgent Care $128,000
Podiatry $128,000
Pediatrics $135,000
Ophthalmology $138,000
Occupational Medicine $139,000
Medicine/Pediatrics $139,000
Pediatrics - Cardiology $145,000
Psychiatry $149,000
FP - Sports Medicine $152,000
Infectious Disease $154,000
Internal Medicine $154,000
Allergy/ Immunology $158,000
Psychiatry - Child and Adolescent $158,000
Gynecology $159,000
FP (w/o OB) $161,000
IM (Hospitalist) $161,000
Pathology $169,000
Physiatry $169,000
Endocrinology $171,000
Pediatrics - Neurology $175,000
Rheumatology $179,000
Neurology $180,000
Hematology/Oncology $181,348
FP (with OB) $182,000
Pediatrics - Hematology/Oncology $182,000
Critical Care $187,000
Nephrology $191,000
Emergency Medicine $192,000
Otorhinolaryngology $194,000
Dermatology $195,000
Pediatrics - Critical Care $196,000
Pulmonary Medicine + Critical Care $215,000
Medical Oncology $198,000
Radiology $201,000
Anesthesiology: General $207,000
Obstetrics/Gynecology $211,000
Surgery - General $226,000
ORS - Foot & Ankle $228,000
Surgery - Plastic $237,000
Radiation Oncology $241,000
Orthopedic Surgery $256,000
Cardiology: Invasive $258,000
Urology $261,000
Gastroenterology $265,000
ORS - Sports Medicine $266,000
Cardiology: Noninvasive $268,000
Surgery - Vascular $270,000
Ophthalmology Retina $280,000
Anesthesiology: Pediatrics $283,000
Neonatal Medicine $286,000
Maternal/Fetal Medicine $286,000
ORS - Hand & Upper Extremities $288,000
Cardiology: Interventional $290,000
Anesthesiology: Pain Management $315,000
ORS - Hip & Joint Replacement $330,000
Surgery - Cardiovascular $336,000
Surgery - Neurological $354,000
ORS - Spine Surgery $398,000
Data reflects 2003 to 2006 MD salary data as listed at ValueMD which in turn cites Allied Physicians, Inc., the Los Angeles Times and Rand McNally as its sources.  Actual salaries vary widely aaccording to geographical location, living costs and demand.  The data presented above has been reorganized as ascending salaries in order to illustrate the points, facts, conjecture and opinion presented below.*

Now really, a doctor has accumulated a great deal of college debt after 11 or so years of medical school.  I want him or her feeling safe and secure in his job as well as within his community.  I want him/her to be a society leader.  But over a quarter million dollars per year when he is fresh out of medical school, still green and wet behind the ears?

As indicated, I think doctors should be paid well.  But I do not think that bankers, insurance executives nor corporate CEO/COO/CIO/etc. should get a dime more than a first year doctor.

The difference is simple, doctors have earned the right to be compensated well so that they can pay off ridiculous student loan debt as well as contribute to society as trusted pillars of the community.  Bankers and corporate executives have not.  They are simply motivated by greed.

According to Student Doc, the average family practice physician pays $204,000 per year.  With changes in local this figure flucuates from $128,000 to $299,000 in the US.*

According to indeed, the average bankers salary in the US is $103,000 per year, with less than half of the schooling required.*

Yet, the CEO average shown above factors in the Cheif Executive Officers of small businesses such as Over-The-Road truck team leaders (at $33,000/yr), Armed Security Agencies ($24,000/yr) and Unarmed Security Officers ($18,000/yr).  In truth, a real bonafide CEO makes from $108,000 a year for smaller companies, to $205,000 per year in larger corporations (on average). The COO makes an average of $163,000 per year in the U.S.*

And we all know that some corporations have executive salaries that are spiraling out of control, beacuse I am only speaking of averages and the averages for bankers and executives look particularly high when we factor in the schooling required and implemented as well as the public trust required for each kind of position.

In fact, corrupt bankers and executives worldwide have not even started to regain any public trust after creating the largest corporate glut in history that brought the world's financial health to its knees.


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